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How to build a flourishing mental health private practice.

Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor

Course List:

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Course 1: Are Therapists Allowed To Make Real Money?

An honest look at the personal and professional side of putting a price on your clinical skills. The business versus the feeling part of being a psychotherapist in a competitive business climate.
12 Pages • $5 • Buy PDF download

Course 2: Phone Scripts For Mental Health Professionals That Fill Your Schedule. Powerful phone scripts that fill your calendar with paying clients

Often your first contact with a potential client is over the phone. By using this course to develop your phone scripts, you will be able to comfortably find out the needs of the caller and define if your practice is a good match for them. It is important to know what type of client you are looking for and what type you are not.

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Course 3: Traditional Business Plans Are A Waste Of Money And Effort

A business plan is the guidepost you check yourself against to make sure you are staying on target for your business needs.

In this course you will learn how to develop a one-paragraph business plan. It consists of 6 to 10 sentences. Each sentence is a well-crafted statement of business intention. Each word has its place. Unnecessary verbiage or confusing thoughts are rewritten and made clear.

When business decisions need to be made the options are viewed through the focus of the business plan. This leads to stability and security in business decision-making.

24 Pages • $15 • Buy PDF download

Course 4: Your Most Important Marketing Tool Costs 5¢ (business cards)

For most professionals, a business card is just a 2 inch by 3.5 inch piece of card-stock with their name, address, and phone number printed on it. Some are fancier than others with bumpy ink and nicer paper.

In this course you will learn how to build a fingertip billboard that lets the potential client receive your message in just three-seconds. Your well developed business card will inform and sell your practice by talking to, not at, your potential client.  All this power for about 5¢ each.

36 Pages • $20 • Buy PDF download

Course 5: Chutzpah Practice Brochure

In this course you will learn how to build a chutzpah brochure. A brochure that is a teaching tool and a call to action. Your brochure teaches the reader about how you can help them!

A well crafted brochure will help your spouse, friends, employees, or patients sell you to a potential patient. Your brochure is inexpensive to make, and works overtime to bring in clients.

30 Pages • $20 • Buy PDF download

Course 6: Your Second Most Important Marketing Tool is FREE  (9-second speeches)

In this course we study the difficult task of developing a 9-second speech. A 9-second speech is a mini verbal performance that teaches the listener how to think of you, refer to you, or help you. It is a powerful technique for getting people you have contact with to think of you at an opportune time, a time when they can refer to you, or help you in some way. It is a powerful, and often underutilized, marketing tool that is necessary to master if you wish to grow a thriving practice.

If you are uncomfortable “selling yourself,”  you will love this course.

11 Pages • $5 • Buy PDF download

Course 7a: The Reality Of The Yellow Page Monster And Local Media Advertising

Course 7b: Putting Google AdWords to Work for You

In this combined course (7a and 7b) you will learn how to deal with the old school yellow pages and the new school internet marketing. Before you spend a penny on either, devour these courses! They will empower you, and protect you, from making truly expensive mistakes.

53 Pages • $25 • Buy PDF download

Course 8: Your Office Is A Chutzpah Marketing Tool

Your office should be a symphony of cross-marketing. Just as a musical symphony blends the brass with the woodwinds and magically incorporates the percussion instruments, so should your office gently and constantly inform whomever enters it: “This is what I offer.”

48 Pages • $20 • Buy PDF download

Course 9: Your Phone And Email Are Chutzpah Marketing Tools

Your phone and email are amazing tools. They allow you to have easy and inexpensive contact with the world. Unfortunately, the phone and email are not respected by most companies. Thus, these ubiquitous devices often become linked in a chain of despair.

Your phone and email need to be controlled. The good news is that this monster is easy to control.

24 Pages • $15 • Buy PDF download

Course 10: Getting Your Staff And Family Into Chutzpah Marketing

Your goal should be to make it easy for your staff and family to refer patients into your practice. However, as therapists, we face ethical considerations that most professionals do not have to deal with.

The enthusiasm for your practice must flow from you to your staff and family. You are the leader, and as the leader, your staff and family look to you for how they can “sell” your practice to potential clients

10 Pages • $5 • Buy PDF download

Course 11: Chutzpah Gold Mining: Database Harvesting

In this course we are going to look at the technique of using your customer information wisely. I begin with the assumption that your present and past clients respect your work, trust your opinion, and like you as a person. If this is true, you have a gold mine that is waiting to be harvested.

A customer is a valuable commodity. You spent a lot of money to open your practice and to generate your first client. (Not counting the cost of your education, internship, and licensing.) The vast majority of professionals I work with do not keep contact with their patients after their treatment is over. I think it is because most professionals assume once a patient, always a patient. Unfortunately, this is not a fact. The truth is, loyal patronage has to be cultivated, and you have to show former patients how to refer clients to you.

51 Pages • $25 • Buy PDF download

Course 12: Chutzpah Presentations, Speeches, and Trade Shows

In this course we are going to look at using low cost presentations, speeches, and trade shows as a chutzpah practice growth tool. I will focus on techniques for getting attention for you and your practice or charity. In this course you will learn how to transform this attention into new clients.

I also cover how to deal with that nagging fear of public speaking.

36 Pages • $20 • Buy PDF download

Course 13: Building Professional Credibility

I start this course with the assumption that every licensed therapist has a degree, experience, and a desire to do a good job. The problem is that the consumer of your services does not know much about what that means to them. Your potential client is looking for someone to solve a problem for them. But often, they are not even clear what that problem is.

In this course you will learn solid techniques that build your professional credibility, making it easy for others to refer clients to you.

44 Pages • $20 • Buy PDF download

Course 14: Embracing The Media With A Chutzpah Hug

I am frequently asked by other professionals, “How do you get on the news or quoted in the paper so much?” In this course I explain how to get “free” media attention. But, before you start this course, I want you to know up front that media attention is far from free. It doesn’t cost money, but it does cost time.

One nice thing about media attention is that it gives you instant credibility in the mind of the public.

19 Pages • $10 • Buy PDF download

Course 15: Time Management For Chutzpah Professionals

In this course we will look at how our nature towards inactivity and distractibility gets in our way. Simply put, how we manage (or probably mismanage) our time.

Everyone gets 86,400 seconds per day. Some people seem to get a lot more done with their 86,400 seconds than others. In this course, you will learn how to control your time in and out of the office.

48 Pages • $20 • Buy PDF download

Buy courses individually, or buy all courses for $99 (Save $141)

All courses come with a 100 Day 100% No Quibble Guarantee.
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