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Psychology books

Basic Parenting 101: The Manual Your Child Should Have Been Born With

Basic Parenting 101 The Manual Your Child Should Have Been Born With is a realistic view of the importance of parenting. Dr. Phil focuses on showing parents how to solve problems with understanding, humor and love. Dr. Phil clearly explains how parents, step parents, teachers and counselors can raise honest, responsible, and caring children. Dr. Phil tells warm stories of how loving adults can help their children make clear life choices and take individual responsibility. A down to earth approach to being a wonderful parent. Dr. Phil makes psychology usable.

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Change: How to bring real change to your life: The psychology and secrets of highly effective people

Simply put, this workbook is about you winning at the game of life. It is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to get your needs met. If you studied highly effective people, you would learn that these individuals avoid Thought Mines and negative self-talk. They excel at positive self-talk and use emotional frameworks that lead to healthy interpersonal relationships.

Highly effective people have learned to communicate clearly. They consistently read their environment correctly. They avoid emotional conflicts and bring out the best in the people they encounter. Highly effective people build on their skills and are able to accomplish amazing feats. You too can learn to be a highly effective person. For this to happen, you will need a few particular skills. These skills are not hard to master, and they will serve you for a lifetime.

The five skills you will need:
1. Understand your self-talk and your self-esteem
2. Understand your emotional frameworks
3. Understand goal setting
4. Understand how to control time
5. Understand how to work your plan.

I hope you noticed that the above are all about you.

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Life's Laws For New Adults: Mastering Your Social I.Q. (2nd Edition)

For over sixty years, psychologists have placed great emphasis on intelligence with the now well-known IQ score. A child with a high IQ is the goal of every parent. The hope being, intelligent children will become successful adults. Unfortunately, we all know of very intelligent adults who grow up to be "underachievers."

The truth is that a high IQ is only a good indicator of an individual who should become a college professor. Recent research has shown that there are many forms of IQ, such as kinesthetic, musical or artistic intelligence. Gifted people in any of these areas have the potential to excel. In this book, Dr. Philip Copitch explores the secrets of Social IQ—the ability to understand and command the social environment. Unlike the other forms, Social IQ can be practiced and mastered.

High Social IQ has the potential to open doors in ones personal and professional life. Individuals with a high Social IQ are outgoing, confident and committed. They are comfortable expressing their feelings and learn quickly from their mistakes. A high Social IQ is the key to professional fulfillment, family harmony, and emotional security. People with high social IQ adapt well to social pressure because they are happy and content knowing that their skills will serve them well.

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Fun books

Jokes I Told My Therapist, Plus Cartoons: Tall Tales, and Funny True Stories

If you have ever been offended by an off color joke, don’t read the chapter of jokes that my wife has forbidden me from ever telling again. (And maybe other parts too. The kids joke chapter is safe.)

Laughter is good for you… So start taking better care of yourself, a friend, or a loved one. Laughter is good medicine. If you have trouble telling jokes I have also added a few tips on how to “play” the audience. Jokes are great icebreakers useful in all parts of our lives. Teachers, clergy, and salespeople can set the feeling in the room with the right joke.

This adult book is filled with funny jokes, tall tales, true stories, and cartoons. We start with jokes that are great to tell children. Then we grow into teen humor until we hit full laugh with adult humor. In this book, you will find some old favorites and learn lots of new jokes. Some are great for work meetings, others are for poker games or bars. There are jokes for all occasions.

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How Mary Beth Draws Dogs and Accidentally Builds a Business

It is the first day of summer vacation from elementary school, and Mary Beth’s parents are too busy to listen to her. One thing leads to another, as things tend to do for Mary Beth, until she finds herself on a quest to find a job. Over the next few weeks, Mary Beth accidentally builds a business drawing the dogs in her neighborhood. Follow along with Mary Beth as she shows you how to draw small dogs and big dogs. On a rainy day with her cousins, you will even learn how to draw cartoon dogs of all shapes and sizes. Come along with Mary Beth as she accidentally builds a business doing what she loves: drawing. Oh, and did I tell you? For some reason Mary Beth is obsessed with hats.

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Jokes I Can Read To You: Plus cartoons!

Over 150 jokes and a bunch of cartoons especially for kids and kids at heart.

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Jokes Stories and Cartoons I can read to you

Encourage reading with laughs and funny stories and full color cartoons. For boys and girls in elementary school. Printed in full color.

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Jokes, Cartoons, and Funny Stories I Can Read To You!

Encourage reading with laughs and funny stories and full color cartoons.

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Christmas Cartoons

A jolly look at the Christmas tradition. Fun for all ages. Printed in full color!

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Business books

Chutzpah Marketing: Simple Low Cost Secrets to Building Your Business Fortune

Chutzpah marketing is business boldness coupled with supreme self confidence. It is the art of doing something right, fairly, and with value. Dr. Copitch shows you how to get and keep customers by using low cost or even no cost marketing secrets. He even shows you how to get your customers to bring in more paying customers helping you build your business.

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How to build a flourishing mental health private practice - Courses

Practice building couses for:

Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor

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