Meet the Copitch Family

Dr. Phil likes big pets. Mrs. Copitch will not let him have a bear.


Odin 8 months old - 91 lbs.

Odin at 8 weeks old with sunflower stuffie by the nose

This is the look Odin gives you if you have something in your hand that he wants. It could be a ball, a bone, or just your hand. All he knows is that he wants it. He is very playful that way.

Odin's early attempt at sporting big boy ears.

Odin - The wolf dog

Odin is getting so big, 181 pounds, that he takes up the whole step. He likes it when you crawl over him.

Biscotti - The boy cat that acts like a dog

This is pretty much all Nekko does.

Nekko loves her couch!

Biscotti joined the family and is telling Josh about how he runs the house now!

Biscotti's first Hanukkah.

Biscotti likes to "help" Dr. Phil draw cartoons.

Odin is named after the mythical Norse god of victory, father of Thor. He is half German Shepherd and half Gray Wolf. Unlike his namesake, Odin is a genial soul who often wants to sit on your lap. He presently weighs 181 pounds.

Odin wants to go for a ride in Josh's truck.

Nekko - The pillow with claws

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