Meet the Copitch Family

Dr. Phil likes big pets. Mrs. Copitch will not let him have a bear.


Zeus - Enjoying his first romp around Copitch Mountain.

Zeus - first day home and the only day he is allowed on the table.

Geri and Zeus.

Zeus enjoys his weird duck.


Zeus is growing fast. Here he is at 8 weeks old.

Biscotti - The boy cat that acts like a dog

This is pretty much all Nekko does.

Nekko loves her couch!

Biscotti joined the family and is telling Josh about how he runs the house now!

Biscotti's first Hanukkah.

Biscotti likes to "help" Dr. Phil draw cartoons.

Zeus was king of the ancient Greek gods. He is known as the god of thunder and sky. Puppy Zeus will have to do some cerious growing to earn the repsect of the other dogs, I mean gods.

Zues and Dr. Phil. Zeus is 15 weeks old and 45 pounds. Dr. Phil is about 3300 weeks old.

Nekko - The pillow with claws

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